Barco videowall upgrade at the CSIR

The Barco OL series videowall post LED replacement

Disclaimer: No actual content from the CSIR was displayed during photography. Permission was sought prior to publication of images.

Control Room and AV Solutions recently performed some recommended routine maintenance to the large 15 cube Barco videowall at the CSIR in Pretoria, South Africa.

The replacement of the LED light source and cooling units is recommended after five years of operation on the OL series Barco videowalls.

New generation-3 LED chains and cooling units

The new generation-3 LED chains which were installed represents the latest in LED chain technology, and is considered to be an upgrade from the original generation-2 devices originally supplied with the videowall.

In addition, all fifteen cubes had their liquid cooling units replaced to allow for optimum cooling of the redundant LEDs and internal electronics.

  • Initial alignment check
Image alignment and colour balance

Once all the LED chains and cooling units were replaced, an image alignment and colour balance was performed to ensure that any content displayed over the entire 15 screens appeared uniform.

The entire operation was completed within three days.


Wireless presentation to multiple rooms

Wireless presentation system installed at a client in Midrand, South Africa

Control Room and AV Solutions proposed a very cost effective and versatile presentation system to a client in Midrand, October 2017, which was accepted, allowing us to demonstrate that quality and versatility does not always come with a large price tag attached.

For this solution, we installed a well known brand of projector capable of receiving content over the client’s wifi network, but we did not just stop there! We also added cables to support VGA and HDMI signals, thus supporting most old and newer laptops as well as mobile devices.

This solution was installed into 3 boardrooms, all linked to the client’s wifi network.

The result: The possibility of presenting to all 3 boardrooms SIMULTANEOUSLY from a laptop OR mobile device.

Of course, wireless presentations to each individual boardroom as well as traditional wired presentations are also possible.

The best part was the cost. Three boardrooms, fully installed for less than R80,000.00!

5 star rating from SBV Services

Control Room and AV Solutions receives a 5 star rating from SBV Services, Johannesburg.

Control Room and AV Solutions recently received a five star Google review from Chris of SBV Services in Johannesburg after conducting maintenance on their Barco driven control room.

Thank you, Chris, for taking the time to rate the service that you received from us. We appreciate client feedback, both positive and negative.

“Customer service is always at the heart of all that we do.” – Yusuf R Shaik, MD Control Room and AV Solutions

Barco certified solutions provider


Barco, Control Room and AV Solutions, Peripheral Vision

Control Room and AV Solutions is pleased to announce that its status as a Barco certified solutions provider has been re-affirmed by Barco, the global market leader in control room solutions for any market and environment.

We have also partnered with Peripheral Vision, the South African distributor of Barco control room hardware and software products.

What does this mean for our clients?

Our clients can rest assured that our extensive experience in installing and maintaining Barco solutions is also backed up by the local South African distributor and we can leverage off Barco support directly. This arrangement also allows us to source original Barco spare parts at discounted prices to maintain your existing installations to the high standards you have come to expect from this “best of breed” product.

Barco outdoor LED screen maintenance
Barco outdoor LED screen maintenance

Yusuf R Shaik, the founder of Control Room and AV Solutions has lent his knowledge and expertise to Barco installations across the African continent on a variety of Barco products and solutions over the last 9 years and is passionate about customer service.

Contact Control Room and AV Solutions for all your Barco installation, support and maintenance requirements. Supporting clients throughout Africa with customer service at the heart of all that we do.




Bosch microphone refurbishment

Replacement verses refurbishment

Bosch mic refurbishment
Bosch goose-neck microphone

Bosch Conference Solutions offer versatility, high audio quality and data transmission while providing complete control over your conference proceedings.

But, the metal goose-neck microphones eventually succumb to being manhandled and abused and will ultimately require replacement.

Control Room and AV Solutions is the only known company in South Africa to offer refurbishment as an alternative to replacement, at a fraction of the price of a new unit. The refurbishment is specific to the internal components of the microphone and workmanship is guaranteed for a full six months. Click here to contact us.