Barco videowall relocation

We received a rather unusual request in October 2018: Relocate a 10 year old 30 cube Barco videowall and Transform A computer system from an existing site to a new location in Johannesburg, South Africa!

Barco Overview D1 videowall

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This request, no doubt, came with a unique set of challenges and risks. Given that this equipment was long since declared “end of life” by Barco and no spare parts or support was available from Belgium for this “relic” the biggest risk in taking on this mammoth project was damage resulting from dismantling and transporting the equipment.

Personally for me, the bigger the challenge, the bigger the feeling of satisfaction, so I applied my mind to the challenge and accepted the project from this client.

Needless to say, we were able to successfully pull off this “miracle” and I got to experience my satisfaction!

Our team was all too aware of just how careful we had to be. I knew that the equipment would be in good hands. After all, I had personally, in the past, overseen the installation of many of these old Barco videowalls and was quite familiar with the Windows XP based Apollo software and Transform A computer system, and I had a competent team.

  • The videowall is stripped of its components.

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