Wireless presentation to multiple rooms

Wireless presentation system installed at a client in Midrand, South Africa

Control Room and AV Solutions proposed a very cost effective and versatile presentation system to a client in Midrand, October 2017, which was accepted, allowing us to demonstrate that quality and versatility does not always come with a large price tag attached.

For this solution, we installed a well known brand of projector capable of receiving content over the client’s wifi network, but we did not just stop there! We also added cables to support VGA and HDMI signals, thus supporting most old and newer laptops as well as mobile devices.

This solution was installed into 3 boardrooms, all linked to the client’s wifi network.

The result: The possibility of presenting to all 3 boardrooms SIMULTANEOUSLY from a laptop OR mobile device.

Of course, wireless presentations to each individual boardroom as well as traditional wired presentations are also possible.

The best part was the cost. Three boardrooms, fully installed for less than R80,000.00!

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